The Black Belt Club (BBC) is a lesson program made especially for the student who is dedicated and committed to earning their BLACK BELT. This club is open to all members and requires a minimum commitment of 3 – 5 years.  Membership in this Club will end after achieving a Black Belt. BBC members will receive their own special class, which will be held 2 Saturdays of each month from 9:00am – 10:30am (Class days are subject to change).


BBC Members will be eligible to start learning weapons at a White Belt. The first weapon taught will be the Bong (Staff). BBC members will first be instructed on the Etiquette (Respect) for the weapon. Then they will practice “Becoming One” with the Bong (Kicks, Punches, Nak Bub) until they earn their Yellow Belt. BBC members then will begin to learn Bong Do Liki (Basic Staff Spins) 1-5. Once at Blue Belt, BBC members will move on to Bong Do Liki 6-10. At the Red Belt, BBC members will continue on to Bong Do Liki 11-15. Brown Belt BBC members will finish with the 3 moving techniques for Bong Do Liki and then Juhng Bong Il Hyung (Middle Staff 1st Form).

From our BBC members we will look to build our Demo Team and our S.W.A.T. Team (Ask SBN Russell about these programs).

Highlights of program:​

  • Monthly BBC Only Class, typically 1.5 hours of focused preparation

  • Monthly Weapons Class, typically 1.5 hours of focused preparation

  • Special BBC Uniform Patch
  • 10% Discount on all Supplies and Equipment (Given in Kuk Sool Bucks)

  • $5.00 off All Belt Test Fees (Stripes & Yellow to Black Brown Belts)

  • Discounts on Private Lessons

  • Locks in your monthly Tuition price until you earn your Black Belt

Contact us for further details and become a BLACK BELT CLUB Member Today!!!